Thursday, June, 13, 2024 11:39:15
  • Under the initiative, carbon would be integrating with Chronicle’s security analytics platform, Backstory.
  • The integration would enable both companies’ customers to better investigate, hunt down & respond to threats & attacks in their networks.

Carbon Black, Inc. (Carbon), a renowned Massachusetts-based cybersecurity company, has recently announced that it would be collaborating with Silicon Valley cybersecurity firm, Chronicle, under an industry-wide effort to help customers in improving their response to cyber threats.

Reports cite, under the collaboration, Carbon would be integrating Chronicle’s latest security analytics product, Backstory. The aim of the collaboration is to make joint customers better capable of investigating incidents, hunt down threats & respond to cyber-attacks inside their respective networks.

According to a press release by Carbon Black, Backstory is a specifically designed global platform that helps enterprise customers in analyzing the vast amounts of security telemetry their company generates on a yearly basis. The integration of Backstory’s analytics capabilities with Carbon’s endpoint security solutions as well as predictive data modeling would effectively be making security analytics faster, simpler & more cost effective.

The Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Carbon Black, Michael Viscuso stated that organizations typically lack the scale, visibility & speed required to analyze vast amounts of data in a quick as well as effective manner. Viscuso further added that with Backstory, the company believes Chronicle has raised the bar for security analytics across the industry in terms of scale & speed. Integrated with Carbon’s insightful endpoint information, Chronicle has facilitated an opportunity that brings back the advantage to the defenders.

The Chief Product Officer at Chronicle, Ansh Patnaik stated that as a platform specifically designed for analyzing enterprise security telemetry, the company’s security analytics product facilitates more value to customers when integrated with other crucial technologies inside their networks. Patnaik further added, the company believes that its integration with Carbon would give customers a more accurate view of cyberthreats inside their networks.

According to reports, the financial information related to the collaboration have not been unveiled by either parties yet.