Thursday, June, 13, 2024 11:15:00

Kaloom, Inc. has reportedly announced a partnership with open source solutions provider Red Hat, Inc., near the launch of the Red Hat virtual central office (VCO) solution, which is a Virtual Central Office solution for the deployments of multi-vendor NFV at the edge. Apparently, this solution is designed to simplify and speed up the deployment of value-added enterprise, residential and mobile services by enterprises and telecommunication companies.

Together with the NFV infrastructure of Red Hat, Kaloom supposedly delivers a complete automated VCO networking solution. This solution leverages the programmable fabric of Kaloom to assist in increasing the performance and diminish the latency for NFV applications.

Utilizing latest capabilities in an open source software-defined networking (SDN), the VCO solution from the software company is designed to increase functionality to support virtualized next-gen mobile services. It also helps in defining a multi-vendor central office crafted for both, 4G and 5G, reliable sources informed.

Further from the reports, the solution from Kaloom offers virtual switch capabilities, virtual cloud router and integrated service chaining offload, while removing the need for expensive physical appliances and allowing in-house programming of new features. It also leverages low-cost networking white boxes for meeting new emerging requirements.

Kaloom’s Founder and CEO, Laurent Marchand, mentioned that the advanced service chaining capabilities of the company considerably lower latency and increase performance, resulting in lower costs and better overall network performance for data center operators. He said that Red Hat is an ideal partner for the company to bring the solution to market.

Red Hat’s Vice President of Global Information and Communications Technology, Darrell Jordan-Smith, said that moving services closer to consumers through virtualizing edge networks has become vital, as more mobile network operators are looking to turn into modern open telco service providers.

Jordan-Smith added that the company’s virtual central office solution is crafted for providing a path that service providers could follow, along with an open pluggable framework to develop the next generation services through leveraging Kaloom’s strengths and technologies.