Thursday, June, 13, 2024 11:33:26

Apple has announced that it would be investing $1 billion to build a new campus in Austin, Texas. Initially accommodating up to 5,000 employees, the 133-acre campus will be situated in North Austin and will have a total capacity for 15,000 employees, the company informed.

Apparently, the new Austin campus will be located hardly a mile away from the company’s existing facilities in the city and would house a variety of jobs, including operations, engineering, R&D, sales, finance and customer support. Apple stated it would become the biggest private employer in Austin with this expansion.

In the company’s press release, CEO Tim Cook mentioned Apple will bring new jobs, investments and opportunities to cities all over the U.S. With this project, the company will considerably deepen its 25-year long relationship with Austin and its people. Greg Abbot, Texas Governor, said Apple’s expansion in Austin is a testament to the unmatched economic environment and high-quality workforce in the state.

Recently, Apple unveiled plans to open new sites and add more than 1,000 employees in San Diego, Seattle and Culver City over the coming three years. It is also looking to expand existing operations in New York, Boston, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Boulder and Portland. Apple confirmed that it has added 6,000 jobs in U.S. in 2018 and is on the line to create 20,000 jobs across the nation by 2023.

Supposedly, the technology giant is planning to invest $10 billion in data centers in U.S. over the next 5 years, including $4.5 billion to be spent this year and in 2019. The company’s latest data center would be situated in Waukee, Iowa, and it is expanding its North Carolina, Nevada and Arizona data centers as well.

Apple has been attacked by U.S. President Donald Trump for manufacturing most of its devices outside of the country. In September this year, Trump had warned Apple it could face more tariffs and ordered the company to manufacture its products in the U.S. instead of China.