Thursday, July, 25, 2024 08:50:34

Eurofins Genomics, a global leader in bioanalytical testing has recently announced plans to collaborate with leading genome engineering products provider Synthego, to distribute sgRNA (synthetic single guide RNA) to the company’s global customer database across 44 countries.

CRISPR technology is being accepted by clinical labs worldwide, however scientists are reportedly spending a significant amount of time and effort in attaining the required editing efficiencies in their experiments. In a bid to tackle this issue, Synthego has come up with its revolutionary CRISPR product portfolio that aims to minimize the optimization time, thus allowing genome engineers to focus on their research more efficiently.

Sources cite that Synthego’s industry-leading, chemically altered, and unaltered sgRNAs could deliver unparalleled editing efficiencies of approximately 97 percent, enabling superior editing capabilities in virtually any cell type.

For the record, Eurofins Genomics is an arm of Eurofins Scientific Group (SE), renowned for food, pharma, and environmental laboratory testing, as well as a market leader in genomics, agroscience, and product testing services. The company is well-known for its advanced technologies in the field of life sciences amongst biotech companies, academic institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Sources suggest that the partnership between Eurofins Genomics and Synthego would be productive given to their unmatched flexibility for several genomic research and applications of CRISPR.

Ted Tisch, Chief Operating Officer, Synthego was quoted saying that their CRISPR and genome engineering products could solve some of society’s biggest challenges, however scientists are in much need to access their products that can further accelerate their research. The collaboration with Eurofins Genomics offers a proficient network and a reliable, wide spreading organization. Synthego’s synthetic RNA products have proven to be scalable and efficient in helping customers capture their potential, he said.

As per Michael Hadem, Chief Executive Officer, Eurofins Genomics Europe, Synthego’s synthetic RNAs could enable customers perform research precisely and quickly. He added that the cooperation with Synthego in the CRISPR field is the perfect addition to Eurofins’ comprehensive genomics product portfolio.