Thursday, July, 25, 2024 08:07:16

GoHealth Urgent Care, one of the country’s fastest-growing and largest urgent care providers, headquartered in Atlanta, has reportedly announced the acquisition of the six care centers run by Golden Gate Urgent Care. The partnership with the well-known urgent care provider based in San Francisco, has been undertaken by GoHealth to grow its network of world class urgent care centers to local communities across the Greater Bay Area.

Todd Latz, Chief Executive Officer, GoHealth Urgent Care, has reportedly quoted stating that Golden Gate Urgent Care is well-known for being one of the most reliable healthcare providers in the Bay Area for immediate care, and it channelizes GoHealth’s vision of delivering high-quality care and excellent customer service through cutting-edge technology and innovative facilities.

Latz stated that Kurt Kunzel and MJ McConnell, Founders of Golden Gate Urgent Care, and their entire team have ensured viability and excellence in healthcare over the past six years in the Bay Area. This transaction will enable GoHealth to leverage the collective and respective strengths and will create a more robust, larger network through which more patients in local communities could have easy access to clinical providers of high-quality, Latz continues.

For the record, after the completion of the acquisition, GoHealth Urgent Care’s 14 locations will expand to San Mateo, Marin, San Francisco, and Alameda counties, and will provide a platform for growth all over the Bay Area. All the six locations of Golden Gate Urgent Care are likely to continue to take care of patients under the Golden Gate Urgent Care brand. GoHealth aims to maintain a majority of clinical providers of Golden Gate Urgent Care in order to ensure continuous care to the patients all over the Greater Bay Area.

Kurt Kunzel, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Gate Urgent Care, was reportedly quoted stating that Dr. Connell, himself, and Golden Gate Urgent Care’s team are very happy to join the GoHealth Urgent Care network to offer greater access to consumer focused and compassionate urgent care.