Monday, April, 15, 2024 01:01:17

Immunoprecise Antibodies Ltd. has recently declared the extension of its association with TetraGenetics, a biopharma firm developing new therapeutics for autoimmune illnesses. Sources close to the development claim that the alliance is aimed at the discovery of new human monoclonal antibodies against three unrevealed therapeutically-relevant ion-channels.

Douglas Kahn, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, TetraGenetics, was quoted stating that the company is pleased to collaborate with ImmunoPrecise, using their custom-made phage library technology. Kahn also said that the company expects its exclusive ion channel screening tools to allow deep mining of ImmunoPrecise’s data to detect functional and rare monoclonal antibodies that can be developed as therapeutics.

If reports are to be believed, this multiple target service contract is a resultant of successful research partnership, making use of ModiQuests owned natural human phage library repertoire in combination with TetraGenetics owned unique ion channel screening tools, wherein a multitude of effective pre-clinical lead antibodies were found.

Jennifer Bath, Chief Executive Officer, ImmunoPrecise, was quoted stating that TetraGenetics’ unique ability to produce high concentrations of hard-to-create ion channel proteins attracted the company’s attention.

The CEO further mentioned that TetraGenetics will provide the company with unique screening formulations which are claimed to be immensely effective for the discovery of antibody with the company’s proprietary libraries. We are looking forward to concluding the alliance with TetraGenetics, and are extremely thrilled by the potential of coalescing the two exceptional technologies, Bath added.

Ted Clark, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, TetraGenetics, said in a statement that merging ImmunoPrecise and TetraGenetics proprietary technologies would possibly lead to the discovery of new therapeutic antibodies to formerly obstinate targets for a range of unmet medical conditions. Clark added that the company is eager to expand this alliance.

For the record, TetraGenetics harnesses the exclusive capabilities of protozoa Tetrahymena thermophila to create recombinant proteins that are used in the discovery of new antibody therapeutics focused on membrane proteins involved in plentiful human diseases.