Thursday, June, 13, 2024 10:00:52

Smart hearing firm Nuheara has apparently made it to the headlines for having unveiled a new buying experience for people suffering from mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Genuine reports affirm that with this new program, the company is set out to mitigate plausible barriers to enhanced hearing.

As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, the program offered by Nuheara will help eliminate the long waiting times between noticing hearing loss and seeking professional help. To begin with, the program would provide a choice of online hearing assessments to determine the eligibility of the patient for the company’s technology. If affirmative, Nuheara, upon purchase, will ship its award-winning IQbuds™ BOOST hearing buds right to the customer’s doorstep. Post this, the customer will be able to personalize the earbuds as desired, using Nuheara’s proprietary, clinically validated intelligent audiometric system – Ear ID™.

It has been speculated that following this program, customers will be able to experience highly enhanced hearing capabilities, at a cost 80% lesser than the conventional hearing device. Sources affirm that Nuheara has even worked on making the payment model simpler for its customers. The company is offering two options – either to pay up once and for all, or on a yearly basis – which apparently amounts to less than two dollars/. Additionally, in the event that the customers are dissatisfied with the product, they will have the option to return the same within 30 days, for free.

Justin Miller, CEO, Nuheara, has been quoted to state that the said program is akin to a wrap-around self-care platform, that would enable the company to establish a direct relationship with its customers right from the onset of their hearing health journey. The program will entail the company to undertake a consultative process online, similar to how it would evaluate customers in its retail partner stores with IQconnect, Miller said.

Eventually, continued Miller, the company aims to target the demographic suffering from early-stage hearing loss, in order to promote better life quality and mitigate the onset of subsequent health issues.