Thursday, June, 13, 2024 11:55:58
  • The official store and the directly managed store have scheduled the release for the vacuum cleaner on March 20
  • Suction mode and battery level of the main unit can always be monitored easily on LCD

Reports suggest that British technology firm, Dyson Ltd. has recently introduced the ‘Dyson V11’ in a bid to deploy a new cordless vacuum cleaner to the market. Apparently, the official store and the directly managed store have scheduled the release for this vacuum cleaner on March 20 and it would be available with mass retailers from April 3.

Launched last year, the Dyson Cyclone V10 is seemingly dominant among the cordless vacuum cleaners from Dyson. The overall market of vacuum cleaner has shifted towards cordless options and further expansion is expected, urging Dyson to discontinue development of any corded vacuum cleaners.

Further from the reports, the most recent model from the firm, the V11, is stated to have fundamentally reviewed ease of use. Apart from an improved performance, the V11 also has a new liquid crystal display. There is an advantage of the display installed is that the suction mode and battery level of the main unit could always be monitored easily.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, while it is time to clean the filter or if foreign matters get clogged, troubleshooting like cleaning method is displayed, in addition to the remaining battery power.

Supposedly, the display also shows every mode which could be selected during operation. Eco mode could be cleaned without worrying about the battery, whereas the medium mode, applies a powerful suction power in a number of scenarios.

In contrast with the predecessor V10, the digital motor of V11 purportedly has a 25 percent higher suction force, which is quite similar to the V10 as it rotates at 125,000 revolutions in a minute. The newly developed three-stage diffuser, on the flip side, is mounted on the back of the motor. Two of these play a role in preventing turbulence ,as well as straighten the flow of air from the motor.