Thursday, June, 13, 2024 11:20:36

The artificial intelligence firm Expert System and Rabobank, a financial services company have reportedly entered into a partnership for leveraging the power of Expert Systems flagship platform, Cogito®. The platform is based on a unique blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning.

Apparently, Cogito AI platform from Expert System has been deployed in some of largest banking and financial institutions in the world. It is used to understand and process unstructured information for making sense of data, with highest precision, and transform it into actionable intelligence.

Further from the reports, the intense growth in unstructured information, such as call notes, customer interactions, emails, business documents, etc., has escalated interest in advanced AI solutions, mostly for companies in highly regulated sectors like financial institutions and banks.

Effective data management has clearly been the foundation for competitive advantage and a crucial aspect of business processes, say industry experts. Purportedly, a major setback remains the ability to access, understand and easily analyze text content coming from external sources like external news and articles and client emails, or generated within the organization.

Alain Biancardi, Expert System’s Vice President for Sales & Marketing at France & Benelux, mentioned that having a clear and firm handle on unstructured information, particularly content which is valuable to an organization, has become most important issue for financial institutions.

Biancardi added that AI is revolutionizing banking due to human-like comprehension at scale. Rabobank has subsequently chosen Cogito and will work in collaboration to improvise the usage of unstructured information and data in a way which would provide maximum business value, he further said.

The AI company has seemingly strengthened its international footprint and continues its growth strategy through this new alliance with Rabobank. The adoption of effectiveness and uniqueness of Cogito products by a growing number of customers has pegged the company as a reference leader for organizations that seek to start or carry on their digital transformation journey based on AI