Sunday, February, 25, 2024 07:12:21

Reports confirm that Huawei has announced its upcoming AI-enabled Speaker, which will be competing with Amazon Echo. Huawei’s new smart speaker will be available in both white and grey colors, with a price tag of 399 yuan (£44.98), the company has informed.

The new product from Huawei, which was rolled out at a Huawei event focuses on the recently announced Mate 20 and displays a design similar to the Apple HomePod. The top of the speaker is made up of plastic and has buttons to carry out various functions, and the sides are covered in fabric. The buttons feature call, mute, volume up and volume down toggles.

Apparently, the latest entry from Huawei also features the its own Xiaoyi assistant, which could be paired with other HiLink hardware. The upcoming speaker supposedly utilizes technology from Dynaudio and the company claims that the new AI Speaker would deliver noticeable bass and great sound. The speaker consists of six microphones capable of recognizing when different people are speaking to it.

The company did not reveal the release date for the ‘Huawei AI Speaker’ and also denied disclosing if the product would be globally available.

Experts claim that Amazon Echo, which would be a direct rival of Huawei AI speaker, is very popular and comes in various models. The hardware utilizes Alexa virtual assistant from Amazon and performs a number of task along with answering questions. The company offers a series of smart speakers like the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus, joined by the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

For the record, Echo Dot, which now looks more contemporary after receiving a redesign, is the cheapest of Amazon’s speakers. It is available in sandstone, heather grey and charcoal finishes and is priced at £49.99. The regular Amazon Echo offers higher audio fidelity, due to its more powerful internals, compared to the Echo Dot, and comes with a price tag of £89.99.