Wednesday, May, 29, 2024 02:39:39

Nexstim Plc, based in Finland, is currently grabbing headlines on account of its proprietary NBT® system having received approval from the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for a new treatment protocol called TBS (Theta Burst Stimulation) to be deployed in the treatment of MDD (Major Depression Disorder).

Sources closely related to the development cite that the new TBS protocol is significantly shorter than the 37-minute long standard treatment protocol, as it requires only 3 minutes to deliver for every session. The clinical safety and efficiency of the TBS protocol, under an extensive multi-center clinical trial, has been proven to be non-inferior to the standard procedure, added sources.

Martin Jamieson, CEO & Chairman, Nexstim Plc, was reported saying that the FDA clearance for the TBS protocol for the company’s NBT® system, is quite essential for the company to continue commercializing the device all around the U.S. Martin went on to comment that the clearance signifies that the company can go on investing in its well-navigated TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) technology to offer more U.S.-based patients access to the personalized, reproducible approach to MDD treatment.

As per a press release by Nexstim, the new TBS protocol is said to augment access to the TMS therapy for patients and improve their treatment experience. More elaborately, shorter therapy sessions can make TMS conveniently available to patients who don’t have the potential to sit for extended time periods. Additionally, the shorter TBS protocol is useful for TMS treatment centers as they help enhance efficiency and improve the use of Nexstim’s NBT® system during MDD treatments.

For the record, Nexstim is a targeted neuromodulation company that develops and markets innovative, personalized, non-invasive brain stimulation systems for treating MDD. MDD is a recurrent, chronic disorder with important unmet clinical requirements. However, the brain’s stimulation through repetitive TMS is proven to be effective for MDD treatment.