Thursday, June, 13, 2024 11:36:24

Apple, Inc. has acquired Asaii, a music analytics start-up, in an attempt to reinforce content recommendations for its Apple Music users. Recent reports confirm that the deal was apparently worth less than US$100 million.

Cameron Baradar, founder of The House, a start-up fund which is a first investor in Asaii, was quoted saying that the recent acquisition by Apple would provide Asaii the opportunity to greatly scale its impact, while continuing to build its vision for the future of the music industry.

Asaii could supposedly help Apple in competing with music streaming service Spotify Technology, which is aiming to directly work with smaller artists, such as a music label. The music analytics company could purportedly play a role in the future improvements of tools, which is important for Apple Music as Spotify is also investing heavily in its own marketing and analytics tools for artists.

Citing reliable sources, it is believed that the acquisition of Asaii by Apple is more than just artist analytics. At Midemlab, a music startup competition, Chief executive and Co-Founder of Asaii Sony Theakanath had talked about a product called Asaii Recommend that would develop algorithmic, personalized playlists along with recommending songs and playlists to users on the basis of their listening habits.

This acquisition could be useful to Apple as it keeps on improving the Apple Music’s ‘For You’ section, with its personalized recommendations and algo-playlists like Favorites Mix, New Music Mix, Friends Mix and Chill Mix, claim industry experts familiar to the matter. This is, evidently, an intensely competitive area as Apple faces rivals like YouTube Music and Spotify.

For the record, the California based technology giant had also completed the acquisition of Shazam, a music discovery app, in September as it looks to better compete with Spotify, which is known as the industry leader in music streaming services.