Thursday, June, 13, 2024 11:22:11

Home telematics solutions developed by Roost are changing the approach of insurer- policyholders engagement and Neos wants to leverage this capability.

Roost, the company that specializes in providing Home Telematics solutions to insurers recently announced that it will be partnering with UK’s first Smart Home Insurance provider, Neos Smart Home Insurance. Through the partnership Neos plans to include certain Roost smart home devices in its offerings providing wider reaching capabilities to policyholders to actively protect their homes remotely through the convenience of their smartphones.

The partnership is expected to further transform home insurance with in-home solutions that are smart and monitor situations in real-time thus detecting problems early to prevent damage.

Matt Poll, CEO of Neos, has been reported to say that Neos wants to provide its customers with the leading preventative technology available in the market that enables them to protect their homes from anywhere in the world. With early warning systems, customers can be notified with issues before they go out of control and cause much more damage. Such warning systems can ultimately help in reducing claims.

He added that partnering with Roost will enable Neos to extend its home protection offering and deliver a wider range of products to its customers. He also said that at Neos they are dedicated to delivering a smarter alternative to home insurance and partners like Roost can assist in such a transformative journey.

Roel Peeters, CEO and co-founder, Roost, said that the company is looking forward to work with Neos Insurance as the chance to partner with a disruptive insurance company like Neos is very exciting for Roost. He said that at Roost they believe that prevention of damage before it escalates out of control is essential and such actions are attainable through the combination of smart home technology and home insurance.

Through the partnership Roost also continues to build its European base of insurance partnerships that will ultimately support the benefits of home telematics.